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Ball Joint Forging Line with Air Forging Hammer

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The ball joint space frame structure has the advantages of novel structure, large span, flexible planar shape design, reasonable force, light weight, low steel consumption, simple construction and positioning, and various installation methods.Thans to theses advantages, ball joints are widely used in large stadium space frame, public stadium space frame, power plant bolt ball space frame, cement industry space frame, warehouse logistics space frame, as well as ball joint space frame for exhibition centers, terminal buildings, factory workshops, etc.

Ball joint space frame has a large processing capacity in its component factory, and it is easy to install on site.Ball joint is suitable for the special structure with thight on-sight schedule, restricted construction conditions and electricity consumption, complicated frame shape, and difficult positioning of rod. Ball joint space frame is especially suitable for large curvature space structure systems such as: barrel shell structure, spherical shell structure, various architectural shapes.

Forging Process of Ball Joint for Space Frame

The forged blank is forged by a air hammer, and the forging temperature is kept at 1150 ° C ~ 1200 ° C to make the temperature uniform.The final forging temperature is not lower than 850 °C. After forging, it is naturally normalized in the air. It requires no appearance defects such as over-burning, cracking and oxide scale, and the surface of the joint ball after forging should be even and smooth.

Why Choose Anyang FP Air Forging Hammer for Ball Joint

The special air hammer forging for space frame ball joint has the characteristics of low investment, rapid organization and production, and large production of steel balls. Hot rolled round steel and square steel can be used as raw materials.

According to the process characteristics of forging ball joint by air hammer. Anyang Forging Press designs and manufactures special air hammer for ball joint forging of space frame. Compared with the traditional C41 series air hammer, the special air forging hammer for ball joint has the following technical features:

  • The wall thickness of the air hammer working cylinder is thickened to enhance the structural strength of the fuselage.
  • The working cylinder and piston stroke are lengthened to enhanced the guide ability.Increase the large outer diameter of stroke, strengthen the stability of the lead and the fuselage connection.
  • Remove the air hammer piston surface, in the process of forging the ball joint of space frame, according to the force of the forging die, the hammer piston can rotate freely in the working cylinder, reducing the influence of the reaction force on the hammer piston, reduce the influence of the reaction force on the hammer piston and the fuselage when forging the steel ball joint, and improve the life of the air hammer.
  • The lower part of the air hammer working cylinder is added with a red ring to pre-stress the fuselage to ensure the stability of the fuselage and stroke during the forging of the steel ball joint for space frame.
  • The hammer stroke of the air hammer is changed to four arc-shaped structures to improve the sealing performance.
  • Steel ball mold adopts sleeve structure. That is, the upper and lower anvils are all mold frames, and the steel ball mold is set in the mold frame.Use a semi-circular wedge to connect the mold. When producing steel balls of different diameters, it is only necessary to replace the steel ball molds, and it is not necessary to replace the upper and lower anvil blocks, so as to reduce the investment of the steel ball molds and quickly replace the molds.

Advantages of Anyang FP Ball Joint Forging Hammer

  • The C41 series air hammer of Anyang Forging Company won the national “Quality Silver Award” (the only highest award in the air hammer industry).
  • Anyang Forging Co., Ltd. drafted and formulated the current national standard for air hammer.
  • We are the only manufacturer in the air hammer industry that has issued the “Quality Assurance Statement” to China and abroad through the China Industrial News, and has won the trust of users.
  • The gold anvil brand air hammer produced by Anyang Forging Co., Ltd. has obtained the “Approved Certificate of Origin” and “Certificate of Protected Origin” issued by the state to protect famous products.
  • The gold anvil brand air hammer produced by Anyang Forging Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Henan Famous Brand Product”.
  • We independently developed the first domestic C41-2000kg air hammer in 2006.
  • Steel ball joints air hammer for spaceframe uses external tightening force to reinforce the working cylinder, which makes the life of the air hammer longer, thus reducing production cost and reducing maintenance time.

How to Choose Forging Hammer for Ball Joint of Space Frame?

You can choose your C41 series ball joint forging hammer according to the fllowing parameters.

Forging Hammer Model Max.Diameter of Forged Ball Productivity
C41-150 70mm 6pcs/min
C41-250 90mm 4pcs/min
C41-400 110mm 3pcs/min
C41-560 130mm 3pcs/min
C41-750 150mm 3pcs/min
C41-1000 200mm 1pcs/min

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