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Metal Scale Removal Device

 We provide customized design and installation of metal scale remove device.

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Why to remove scale?

In the forging production process, the metal blank need to be heated to high temperature, steel react with oxygen on the billet surface, which will generate a layer of scale.If it can’t be removed before forging production, some pits may occur on the surface, which not only affect the appearance quality, but also reduce local strength, if these pits appearing on machined parts of forging, will also reduce machining allowances, and have the risk of processing scrap.

Means of removing the scale

  • Tapping on the forging equipment and using metal deformation to remove the scale can help reduce the production pace;
  • Scale removal device. The scale generated on billet surface during heating process is removed before forging production.The use of position adjustment bolts and scraper replacement can be widely adapted to various shapes and sizes of blank.In addition, the blank of different materials can be removed by replacing the preset torsion spring.

Advantages of scale removal device

  • Stable equipment performance;
  • Long service life;
  • Reduce the labor intensity of operator;
  • Good effect of removing scale and fast speed;
  • Automation working, and connecting with forging production line is easy.

Metal Scale Removal Machine Parameter

metal scale removal machines parameters

metal scale removal machines parameter

metal scale removal machine parameter

metal scale removal machine parameter

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