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2020-08-13 17:38:31

Recently, we have manufactured two key drivers for an Indian customer, who will use the machine to assemble and disassemble the wedge iron mounted on the forging hammer. Now these two key drivers have passed the trial run and are going to be shipped to India next week.

anayng key driver for India

Why should I use a wedge key driver?

Nowadays, the general forging factories usually use a hanging hammer to strike the wedge iron tightly. This kind of operation has great disadvantages. On the one hand, a general enterprise has only one ram, no matter whether the big wedge or the small wedge can only use the same ram, the strike force and direction cannot be controlled, and the force cannot be withdrawn in the future, and the wedge is easily damaged. Many people are required to operate at the same time and it is not safe. Improper operation may damage other objects.


How about the wedge key driver made by Anyang Forging Press?

The key driver (wedge iron tools, wedge hammers, bevel iron machines) produced by Anyang Forging Press are used in conjunction with a suitable forklift to drive in and out the wedge iron on the forging hammer. Its power is provided by compressed air, hitting energy is relative precision, it can carry out accurate installation force on the wedge of dies. Installed with forklift, reliable and fast.


 The key driver can be installed on a fork

Until now, we have manufactured and exported hundreds of key drivers to Germany, America, India, Switzerland, Thailand, Russia, Iran etc. They have helped the local forging customer greatly saved the time to change the wedge iron and improved the working efficiency.


Key driver for Slovenia


Key driver for India

Key driver for Switzerland

Key driver for Switzerland


Key driver in Germany

If you also want to through away the traditional wedge iron installation method and use our modern key driver machine, please feel free to contact us, we will choose a suitable type for you!