AFP Promotes the Upgrading Of Global Electric Screw Forging Press Machine

2020-05-09 16:49:33

In the 15th century A.D., people began to use the screw and nut to rotate each other to generate pressure to serve people's life and production needs. The power transmission mode has experienced the stages of manual drive, friction drive, belt / gear drive and so on. The electric screw press machine produced by Anyang Forging Press is driven by gears. As a die forging equipment, it takes into account the dual attributes of die forging hammer and die forging press. It has the advantages of high cost performance, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and wide range of technology application. Compared with friction screw forging press and high-energy screw press machine, it has less noise, shorter transmission chain and higher striking efficiency, can accurately control its striking energy and other outstanding features. It is widely used in forging automobile parts, motorcycle parts, high-speed railway locomotive parts, engineering machinery parts, hardware tools and aerospace, etc. Electric screw forging press is a new type of precision die forging equipment and a new generation of screw press machine products.

electric screw press machine development and upgrading

In terms of product design, Anyang Forging Press fully digests and absorbs the electric screw press technology of Germany, Japan and other countries, combined with its own accumulated experience in producing hot forging equipment for more than 60 years, the j58k series CNC electric screw press developed and produced is advanced in technology, mature in scheme, simple in operation, convenient in maintenance and high in automation. It is an alternative to the high-end imported electric screw press.

Main features of Anyang electric screw forging press machine

Adopt ABB Inverter to control the drive scheme of AC asynchronous motor, international general technology, mature, high-end and reliable.
Driving mode is the key technology of electric screw press. Our company has drawn lessons from the world's mainstream electric screw press drive system, that is, the AC asynchronous motor drive scheme driven by frequency conversion technology; through long-term operation practice, the scheme has many unique advantages:
Adopt double motor gear driving mode, high efficiency and small wear.
electric screw forging press machine manufacturer
It adopts long slide and long guide way, with high closing precision and strong resistance to eccentric load.
Using forging hammer design experience for reference, Anwen CNC electric screw press adopts the guiding form of long slide block and long guide rail, with high guiding accuracy and strong eccentric load capacity. It has been proved that the effect of this guidance is the best and the cost is moderate.
Anyang CNC electric screw press is efficient and energy-saving.
The screw press mainly relies on the energy of its moving part to do its work. The effective energy is the most important technical parameter of the screw press, which reflects the strike efficiency and energy saving level of the equipment. The experimental results show that the energy efficiency of an forging electric screw press is close to 90%, which is far more than 60% of the national standard of friction press.
Energy closed-loop control, making every strike more accurate.
The special energy monitoring technology developed by Anyang forging press and the driving system form a closed-loop control that echoes each other, so that every blow energy can act on the forging forming as much as possible, avoiding the surplus energy acting on the forging die, thus greatly improving the die life, reducing the die cost and the downtime of replacing the die. Figure 5, Figure 6 and Figure 7
The electric screw strength of Anyang forging is higher, and the long-term allowable load is 1.6 times of the nominal pressure.
Anyang forging electric screw press fully considers the overload operation of the equipment from the source design. The design of the machine body, screw and slider has been rigorously calculated and demonstrated, and it has been proved that its long-term allowable load is 1.6 times of the nominal pressure. For example, the 1000 ton electric screw press purchased can be used as 1600 ton press, greatly improving the capacity range of the equipment.
More friendly human-computer interaction.
Larger interactive touch screen, more information content display, mobile screen resolution, more convenient to input or retrieve machine information, making human-computer interaction more convenient.
Design, processing, assembly and quality inspection will not be finished in the whole manufacturing process.
Anyang forging has a strong technology R & D team, provincial postdoctoral R & D base, and each design focuses on the global cutting-edge technology. It has more than 200 general and special equipment such as CNC Floor Boring and milling machines, CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, etc., and has the ability to independently process all parts such as fuselage, sliders, nuts, screws, flywheels, etc. Quality control to every part of every processing process, so that all quality problems are disappeared in the bud, to ensure that every factory electric screw press is 100% perfect.
With the ability to provide automatic forging line solutions.
So far, Anyang forging has provided dozens of fully automatic forging lines to customers at home and abroad, with rich experience in turnkey engineering design, manufacturing and installation, so that every investment of the forging plant owner can ensure zero risk.