How to Choose the Right Screw Press for Forging Factory?

2020-04-22 09:59:26

Screw forging press is a kind of mechanical press. More than 500 years ago, people began to use the interaction of screw and nut to generate pressure to serve human life, such as to press vegetable oil and small non-ferrous metal products. This kind of press is used in a limited range because of the pressure produced by manually moving the flywheel. During the first industrial revolution, human invented the steam engine. More than 150 years ago, the mechanical predecessors invented the friction press, that is, the power of the steam engine was driven by friction to work the screw forging press, which brought the opportunity for the screw press to serve human industrial production.

Up to now, human beings have tried many different power ways to drive screw forging press, the mainstream of which are friction screw forging press, hydraulic screw forging press, clutch electric screw forging press, direct drive screw press with integrated motor screw, gear / belt driven screw press, etc. Since there are so many different screw forging presses, as forging users, what kind of screw forging press is most suitable for them?

how to choose screw forging press

Types and Differences of Screw Forging Press

Electric Screw Forging Press from Anyang Forging Press

The electric screw press developed by Anyang forging press is driven by gears, which integrates the advantages of various of screw forging presses and brings the advantages of the electric screw press to the extreme. Compared with friction screw forging press, it can save more than 30% energy, and its selling price is far lower than that of high-energy screw press. 

anyang forging press forging automation line

Advantages of Anyang Electric Screw Forging Press

Through technical design innovation, the advantages of electric screw press with Anyang forging characteristics are created:

electric screw forging press advantages

anyang electric screw forging press